My Love

I love someone, with all my heart,
A love that's deep, a love that's smart,
A love that's pure, a love that's true,
A love that's endless, a love for you.
My heart beats fast, when you're around,
My feet can't stay still, on the ground,
My mind is filled, with thoughts of you,
My love for you, forever true.

Your smile so bright, your eyes so blue,
Your voice so soft, your touch so true,
Your love so sweet, your heart so kind,
In my heart, forever entwined.

With every breath, my love for you,
Grows stronger still, forever true,
I'll cherish you, through thick and thin,
My love for you, will never dim.
So take my hand, and hold it tight,
Together we'll soar, to greater heights,
My love for you, will never fade,
Forever and always, it's here to stay.

Pankaj Baruah ❤️