"Love in Nature: A Pure and Enduring Force"- Pankaj Baruah


 In fields of green and skies of blue,

A love so pure, a love so true, The birds that sing, the flowers that bloom, All bear witness to this love's perfumed fume.

No words are needed, no actions required, For this love is natural, uncontrived, It flows like a river, it shines like the sun, This love, like nature, is never undone.

It fills the hearts of creatures great and small, From the tiniest insect to the mightiest of all, It weaves its way through the trees and the grass, This love is forever, it will always last.

No boundaries can hold it, no distance too far, For this love is boundless, like the endless stars, It touches all that's living, it connects all life, This love is pure, it conquers all strife.

So let us embrace this natural love, And let it guide us to the heavens above, For in its warmth and light we'll find our way, And live in joy and peace each and every day.