First Love, Lasting Flame- Pankaj Baruah

This is first love, last love,
A flame that burns bright and true,
A passion that flows like a river,
A bond that's forever new.

The first time our eyes met,
I knew you were the one,
My heart skipped a beat,
And our journey had begun.
With each passing moment,
Our love grew deeper still,
We shared our hopes and dreams,
And promised to fulfill.

We laughed and we cried,
Through the highs and the lows,
Our love only grew stronger,
As our story unfolded and rose.
This is first love, last love,
A bond that will never fade,
A love that will endure,
Till the end of our days.

We'll stand by each other,
Through thick and through thin,
Our love will conquer all,
As our hearts become one again.
And when we look back,
On our journey so far,
We'll smile at the memories,
Of a love that's brighter than any star.

This is first love, last love,
A flame that will never die,
A love that will stay with us,
Till the end of time.