The Wanderer's Heart: A Poem on the Love of Traveling. - Pankaj Baruah


I wander where the roads lead,

Through hills and valleys, and rivers mead.

I seek adventure, and new sights to see,

To explore the world, and be wild and free.

I travel far, and I travel wide,

With my heart as my compass, and my soul as my guide.

I traverse oceans, and climb mountains tall,

To witness the wonders, and hear nature's call.

The world is vast, and its beauty immense,

With each journey, a new experience.

I meet new people, and learn their ways,

As I discover the richness of different days.

I cherish the memories, and the stories I tell,

Of the places I've been, and the adventures I've quelled.

My love for traveling, a flame that burns bright,

For the world is my playground, and my heart's delight.

So come along, let's wander together,

Through the jungles, the deserts, and the coldest weather.

Let's explore the unknown, and embrace the new,

For the love of traveling, forever anew.