"Love's Finesse in Every Drop: Rain's Sweet Caress"- Pankaj Baruah

In a world adorned with drops from above,
A symphony of rain, blessed by love,
Each tiny droplet, a messenger of grace,
Whispering secrets with elegance and embrace.

As they dance from heavens, their journey begins,
Cascading down, touching earth's gentle skins,
Their gentle pitter-patter, a soothing song,
A melody of affection, tender and strong.

Raindrops, like tears, hold stories untold,
Unveiling emotions, both new and old,
With every gentle kiss upon the ground,
Love's essence in nature, beautifully profound.

They paint the canvas of life with hues,
A palette of passion, no boundaries to choose,
Mingling with nature, in harmonious embrace,
Rain and love entwined, a divine space.
They cleanse the earth, washing away the strife,
Nurturing every being with renewed life,
For in their union, miracles unfold,
A testament to love, forever untold.

So let the rain fall, with love's sweet caress,
Embracing us all, in its tender finesse,
May we dance in its rhythm, our spirits set free,
As rain with love unites, a wondrous symphony.