"Crafting Connections: The Poetry of Public Relations"- Pankaj Baruah


In the world of words and communication's art,

Where bridges form between every heart,

There lies a realm of grace and connection,

It's the world of public relations' affection.

With words as tools and stories to tell,

PR weaves a narrative, oh so swell,

It dances through the media's embrace,

Crafting stories with poise and grace.

Through press releases and social streams,

PR creates a world of hopes and dreams,

Building bridges, fostering trust,

In this profession, we all are just.

Navigating crises with skill and care,

PR professionals are always there,

To mend the bonds, to calm the storm,

In the world of PR, we transform.

We shape perceptions, build rapport,

In the world of PR, we explore and soar,

With strategy, wit, and endless dedication,

We shape the world's communication.

So here's to the realm of PR so bright,

Where words and actions take their flight,

In the realm of stories, trust, and elation,

We find our joy in public relations.