"Nature's Tale, Love That Will Never Fail"- Pankaj Baruah

In nature's embrace, my heart takes flight,
Underneath the canvas of endless night.
The moon's soft glow, the stars' gentle dance,
In this tranquil world, I find romance.

I walk through forests, so ancient and wise,
Where whispered secrets in each tree lies.
The rustling leaves sing a soothing song,
A love with nature, forever strong.

Beneath the sun's warm and golden embrace,
I feel a connection, a wondrous grace.
Fields of flowers, in colors so grand,
A love affair with nature, hand in hand.

Beside the rivers, where waters flow free,
I find serenity, a love that's meant to be.
The babbling brooks, the ocean's roar,
In nature's arms, I find love evermore.

Mountains rise high, touching the sky,
In their majestic presence, I can't deny,
A love so profound, so pure and true,
Nature's beauty, forever in view.

With every season, a new love unfolds,
In nature's story, countless tales are told.
A love affair that will never fade,
With nature, my heart will always be swayed.